Open Source.
Open Score.
The dot and dash.
Picture a chair.
Picture the bend of the Adour.
Picture the mountains of Salamanca at seven in the morning.
Picture the pink of sunset.
Picture a piano.
Picture an arrangement of white peonies.
Picture flat pillows.
Picture a tall shoe.
Picture walking in sandals in Ostuni.
Picture a chair.
It is always changing.
Chairs Beyond Right and Wrong.
A chair in a room.
It fragments, partitions.
Offers a script. A framing. A material.
It paces the real with the flow of words.
Regardless of noise, it shapes the landscape around it.
It does not have a specific place.
It leans away in the wind.
It has order.
Its boundaries are not fixed.
A song. A construct.
Fields, the cornered ways of cities—
Vertical speech.
We live in glass houses.
Our vitric surroundings.
Putting images outside. In space of what’s inside.
Everything’s as multiplied as we are.
A room that commands.
A room that tells a story.
A room that defines.
A room that quotes.
A room that shapes a medium.
It affects other things.
There is no special difference between architecture and design.
They are two different stages of invention.
A series of points.
Scattered information.
Round clouds above.
Part of it may also be part of something else.
In light blue air over dark blue sea.
A single rose.
Some place (physical).
It does not have a specific place.