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Chairs between Right and Wrong.
It is always changing.
A chair in a room.
It framents, partitions.
Offers a script. A framing. A material.
It paces the real with the flow of words.
Regardless of noise, it shapes the landscape around it.
A song. A construct.
Vertical speech.
Fields, the cornered ways of cities—
Raquel’s Dream House.
It has order.
Its boundaries are not fixed.
We live in glass houses.
Our vitric surroundings.
Putting images outside. In space of what’s inside.
Everything’s as multiplied as we are.
A room that commands.
A room that tells a story.
A room that defines.
A room that quotes.
A room that shapes a medium.
It affects other things.
There is no special difference between architecture and design.
They are two different stages of invention.
A series of points.
Scattered information.
Round clouds above.
Part of it may also be part of something else.
In light blue air over dark blue sea.
A single rose.
Some place (physical).
It does not have a specific place.